Some trust in chariots,
and some in horses: but
we remember the name
of the Lord our God.
Psalm 20:7
I Am here.
Fear not.
Can you really trust Me?
I am a God of Power, as
well as a Man of Love,
so human, yet so divine.

Just trust.

I cannot,
and I will not,
fail you.
All is well.

Many are praying for you.


Fiona Apple

-o now that is

very, very neat…

but, this is cool

Love in a vacume.

will be your savior;

when theres no one 

to save you. neat; it’s

quite the possibility…

oh so hoped for, since

years ago; when those

discoveries were still in 

infancy. Nifty those idea

were. BUT, not a realistic

as it considered possible.

there is a certain gift thats

sent from whispered urges

to construct prose destined 

all for Lee’s talent; his noggin 

composing being online in a

composing mood, thats more

apt to arrive: his train of those

concepts that were only urged

to concoct those nifty lyrics… i

found making up that release; i

was so pleased to be that part of

in the birth month of 1990 in the

shack our boss provided. all for a

simple task of unboxing return of

which were too many. education is

the key ingredient in the VHS tapes.

EVN was, may still be, it is the no. 1

job to be when roaming those classes

of that hippest state university:  SHSU

that Dazed city of that Huntsville,Texas.

is still the backdrop: wild adventures of 

a musical kind. apart from a dance troop,

the photography climate was, and is still i

can safely bet, quite pleasant; THAT AND

rtf department that had, at least the 90 & 92

season’s, sorta cool DJ’s. THURSDAYS we HAD

hopped on down that till to 17th Street’s bar;

joined with a more sedate pub, where beast is

the preferred ale uh, ah F-14 TOMCAT Pinball!

sheet, that swallowed many a quarter of Dave’s.

WordPress\poststop/davidb49wordpressnet/1984\ ..

whAt help thwart COVID-19? have VitaminD swimming i

n your blood. it helps prevent infection. and if it happens,

God forbid, these sorts of vitamins are better than nothing.

I will mention the loving kindness of our Lord.|/

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no copyright 1990, when it was completed, but ACTUALLY and factually no real collage is never completed

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